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Jenny Devine

Integrative Coach

Yesterday I was clever,

So I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

So I am changing myself.

- Rumi

Jenny is available for: 

Workshops and facilitation, public speaking engagements, writing, coaching

Jenny Devine’s work transforms the consciousness of leaders, be they in a role of positional status or locked in a system that limits their full expression of self.


Every era has its unique problems but the unprecedented nature of the global issues we face today means that a different kind of leader is required.


Jenny’s transformational work accelerates a process of conscious maturity in leaders to meet these complex challenges.


A deeply experienced leadership development professional, her unique practice integrates fundamental principles from a number of fields including Jungian shadow work, developmental psychology, philosophy, theology including the wisdom traditions of the East, contemporary leadership research and quantum physics.



If you would like to experience a contemporary leadership transformation or for any other enquiries, get in touch with Jenny below.

Tel: +64 21 120 7166

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