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Workshops & Facilitation

Jenny is a founding collaborator at Play Contemporary Leadership CoLab. Play is a hub of thinkers and doers deeply invested in contemporary leadership practice. This sees Jenny working with senior executive teams, a confidante to specific leaders and entrepreneurs of influence and co-facilitating professional development programmes. These highly tailored transformational programmes allow a curated group of executives across a range of sectors to experience their development via “group process”.

Public Speaking

How to Move a Room

Too often public speakers talk to the audience en masse, engaging their intellects but not necessarily connecting to them as human beings. Jenny provides a 45-90 minute presentation that gets to the heart of every individual in the room. Exploring the fundamentals of conscious and emotional growth, that is so critical for leaders, Jenny focuses on one of the greatest blocks to that - the human ego, its shadow and the challenges of managing it. Because every person on this planet experiences an ego it is proven to be relevant to any group of individuals.


The majority of Jenny’s one-on-one coaching takes place via Play CoLab workshops and in addition, she coaches a small number of senior leaders each year.


About Jenny

Jenny’s life work is about the conscious awakening, growth and development of leaders.


She considers herself to be an evolutionary - one of many globally – deeply curious about how we evolve to be a more enduring and mature species that is better able to care for each other, our planet and our collective future.


Jenny’s background includes holding leadership positions in the public health sector where her interest in leadership extended past management and leadership practice to the development of leaders. A move to the USA in 2003 enabled her to study directly under the tutorage of Debbie Ford, a pioneer of Jungian shadow work whose integrative approach made it accessible to all people.


In 2009 Jenny returned to her native New Zealand to bring this work home. She currently resides at Waihi Beach, New Zealand where she enjoys being deep in the heart of nature. She frequently travels to the USA.


Jenny has a B.A. Social Sciences and an M.A. Consciousness Studies. She is a certified integrative coach, an experienced consultant in The Leadership Circle 360 profile, a certified yoga teacher and a recognised mindfulness practitioner.

About Jenny
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